Manufacture of decorative interior items to order from solid wood since 1997.
Refinement in every detail
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For designers and architects

We understand how important it is for you to feel confident and professionalism in the production of your projects. So the team designers and team production studios Sharmolie assume full responsibility and can guarantee quality done in time, refinement and preservation of all project details and of course favorable conditions for work

    We guarantee

    Favorable conditions of work
    We will offer you terms that you might be exactly interested in
    Great opportunities
    Partnership with us is really interesting, because we are ready to offer a lot of projects for you
    The transparency of the production process
    You can follow all the stages of the production of your project. To do this, you should take time with your manager and come to us in the workshop. It highlights the transparency between us and your clien
    Will I get exactly what I want
    At the end you and your customer will receive exactly what you have agreed. That is, all components of the project design will be made
    What about timing
    We understand how it is important to make installation of the elements carefully and in time
    The minimum your participation
    You don't need to take part in manufacturing. We are responisble for every step: starting from the creation of the design to the assembling at the customer's house or apartment
    I want to receive projects
    A lot of clients ask us for qualified designers or architects. We will recommend you with pleasure
    Mutually beneficial partnership
    Our partners choose and stay with us because our conditions satisfy bosts sides

      К нам очень часто обращаются заказчики с запросом на
      создание индивидуального дизайн-проекта для их дома или квартиры

      Если вы дизайнер с богатым опытом, готовый творить и получать заказы от нашей студии, то вы можете оставить в форме ваш адрес электронной почты и получать заявки на дизайн-проект.